Personalized Technical Training

New this year is our For Developers, By Developers sessions where you can get all your technical "how-to" questions answered by the team that developed the products.

Learn first-hand from key members of Pentaho's development team about customization, embedding, development best practices and pro-tips, the latest techniques and sources for blending, and next-generation plug-in development.

These interactive sessions are designed for a technical audience. Register now before sessions fill up!

Session Descriptions

The PDI plugin system is evolving to become much more flexible and powerful. This session will illustrate how to write PDI plugins (using Transformation Step and Database dialect plugins as examples) in the new system.

Pentaho Business Analytics server supports many different forms of authentication, and allows a custom authentication provider to be installed and used, to perform custom logic for authenticating users. This session shows how to build and configure a custom authentication provider for the BA/DI server.

The Pentaho User Console supports the addition of new perspectives, buttons, menus, and other elements via the plugin system. For example, Webdetails' Ctools are examples of PUC plugins. This session will provide a demonstration of how to implement and deploy plugins to the Pentaho User Console.

As of Pentaho 5.4, it is possible to embed Pentaho Analyzer into other websites, and control it from those sites. This session explains how to embed and control Pentaho Analyzer from external sites/pages.

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